A woman is caring for an older man in hospital.


When you – or someone you love – is ill, it’s natural to want high-quality care around the clock.

But as much as you or your loved ones want to always be there, the demands of work, home, and caring for other family members don’t just go away.

That’s where a sitter can help. A sitter’s role is to stay by the patient’s side and ensure they feel safe and secure.

Our experienced Companions are trained to understand:

Patients sometimes get confused or agitated. Having the same calm, reassuring presence can be comforting.

Patients aren’t always aware of what is happening. A trusted sitter can serve as the clients’ eyes and ears when their loved ones are unable to be present.

Caregivers aren’t always available. We will work with you and your loved ones to coordinate schedules so that someone will always be there.

For your convenience, same day and emergency requests can be accommodated.

This service is available for any adult needing this level of care. Many of our clients find this service to be especially helpful around holidays or special occasions, when family members or full-time caregivers need opportunities to be away from someone they would rather not leave alone.

Sitters can work in hospital, nursing home and personal home settings.

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