A woman and an old lady cooking in the kitchen.

Meal Planning, Preparation and Grocery Shopping

Ideally, good food does more than nourish our bodies.

The foods we eat should comfort our souls, remind us of our history and heritage, and provide joy to both the cook and the diner.

Our focus is on nurturing our clients’ independence. Personal Companions encourage their clients to participate in grocery shopping and meal preparation.

Food choices are made in accordance with clients’ preferences and dietary needs.

Customizable services include:

Grocery shopping (helping clients create/keep a grocery list, transportation/assistance at the store, etc.)

Food preservation (separating/freezing meats, throwing out expired foods, keeping the refrigerator clean, etc.)

Prepping Ingredients (chopping vegetables, seasoning meats, etc.)

Prepping meals (helping clients gather ingredients, utensils, etc. and to follow recipes as necessary)

Cooking meals (with clients’ help)

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