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Respite Care

What do flight attendants advise when giving instructions about helping others in the event of an emergency?

Put the oxygen mask on your own face before helping others.

This is because you won’t be able to help anyone else if you allow your own oxygen levels to become depleted.

The same principle applies to caregivers. Taking on the care of a loved one is potentially a full-time, long-term undertaking.

Let Annasus Companion Care provide you peace of mind. Whether your need is for short- or long-term assistance, we provide experienced professionals to care for your loved one when you need to be away.  

Securing safe and reliable resources to help you is a necessary part of the self-care you need in order to provide the care your loved ones depend on.

 Annasus Companion Care’s Respite Care service is that trusted resource. We are available to provide the kind of temporary relief caregivers sometime require.

Just contact us to create a customized plan of care. We are dedicated to ensuring your loved one feels safe and secure by maintaining their customary schedule in the comfort of familiar surroundings. We also strive to maintain your sense of safety and security through open, flexible communication.

As a locally owned company, you can reach a live, local member of our team 24 hours a day with any questions or concerns. All Companions are experienced, trained caregivers who have undergone thorough background checks, and can be vetted by you and your loved ones before they begin caring for the client.

Emergency, same-day respite care is also available, to accommodate unexpected or urgent needs for service.

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We pride ourselves on being available 24 hours a day to handle any questions or concerns.

You can contact our Director, Susan Hino, by:

Phone: (704) 233-7433