Our Approach

Annasus Companion Care provides non-medical services for clients 18 years or older who require a bit of assistance to live safely independent lives in the safety and comfort of their homes.

Our Personal Companions are highly skilled in providing customized services to ensure the well-being of The Client.

Our Story

Annasus Companion Care Provides:
Customized compassionate care from experienced Personal Companions
Daily, local supervision by a Registered Nurse
Time and resources to support existing care plans
Reminders and encouragement for client compliance with medical instructions
Ongoing monitoring of clients’ overall welfare

Meet the Team

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Why should I use a Companion Care Service rather than hire someone directly?

Companion/client interactions are intimate by nature. The Companion is there to assist with many of the most personal tasks of daily living. It is absolutely vital that this person be compassionate, trustworthy, skilled, empathetic, and professional.

How much does companion care cost?

The hourly rate for this relatively affordable care varies by state. The average wage for a companion caregiver in North Carolina is $10.90 per hour.

Are the Companions required to have a license?

Companion care is typically the best option for otherwise healthy individuals who need assistance in order to live safely and independently at home. This option can often delay the premature depletion of resources caused by costly stays at full-time care facilities. Companions provide non-medical services that make life more manageable for the client. There is no license for these vital services.

Do you provide aid to those in hospitals, assisted-living or nursing homes?

Absolutely! Being away from home and adjusting to a new environment can be very stressful. Patients receiving medical treatments are often agitated and confused. Having a calm, reassuring presence dedicated to making them feel safe and secure is comforting.

How do I become a Personal Companion?

Becoming a Personal Companion is an excellent way to enter the healthcare industry. To become a Companion for Annasus Companion Care, you must:

Demonstrate empathy and caring when working with clients
Have a high school diploma
Be able to pass an extensive background check
Possess a valid driver’s license and insurance
Possess a Cardio-Pulmonary Resuscitation Certificate (CPR)
• Possess a Cardio-Pulmonary Resuscitation Certificate (CPR
Provide Immunization record for Hepatitis A, and a negative TB test record
Provide 3 personal/professional references
There is a growing demand for skilled healthcare professionals. If you think you have what it takes to become a Personal Companion, click here to apply.

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We pride ourselves on being available 24 hours a day to handle any questions or concerns.

You can contact our Director, Susan Hino, by:

Phone: (704) 233-7433.