Services for The Client
Supporting independent, healthy, active lifestyles


Annasus Personal Companions provide just the right amount of assistance to help our clients stay safely engaged with their chosen lifestyles.

We never forget we are guests in our clients’ homes. Our goal is to enhance our clients’ quality of life – not diminish their sense of control or  independence!

Annasus Companion Care provides services for adults of any age who require assistance in order to live safely independent lives. Specific duties are outlined in a customized personal care plan.

Our Service Offerings

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When someone you love is ill, it’s natural to want them to have undivided attention around the clock.

But as much as you or your loved ones would like to always be there, the demands of work and home don’t just go away.

That’s where a sitter can help. A sitter’s role is to stay by the patient’s side and ensure they feel safe and secure.

Sitters are experienced, professional caregivers who work in hospital, nursing home or personal home settings.

For your convenience, we can accommodate same-day and emergency requests.


Independent Living Assistance

People who can still perform activities of daily living – like bathing, dressing, and feeding themselves – may still benefit from many of our services.

Our Personal Companion services can help you or your loved ones live independently at home.

We seek to enhance our clients’ quality of life – not diminish their sense of control or independence.

Life-Enhancing Activities

Medicine can keep us alive. But experiences – and someone to share them with – give us something to live for.

Our Companions are available to provide opportunities, resources, and encouragement to help you or your loved ones stay engaged with the world.

Our goal is to help make sure our clients have opportunities to really live – not simply exist.

It is our pleasure to help  you or your loved ones fill your days doing things you enjoy.


Safe Transportation

The inability to safely get up and go like we used to is one of the first major adjustments many of us usually make

Our Personal Companions can help give back that important aspect of independent living. Every Companion is required to maintain a valid driver’s license and insurance. We provide training on how to safely transport clients of all abilities.

Appropriate arrangements for  transportation are included in the customized care plan.

In-Home Aide Care

Sometimes we need a little extra help.

When you or your loved one doesn’t quite need the services of a full-time Nurse but does need services not offered by a Sitter, you can depend on the care provided by certified In-Home Aides.

All Annasus In-Home Aides are accredited and experienced Certified Nurse Assistants (CNAs).

For your convenience, they are available to assist clients in their homes, hospital rooms, nursing homes or rehab facilities

Meal Planning, Preparation and Grocery Shopping

The foods we eat should comfort our souls, remind us of our history and heritage, and provide joy to both the cook and the diner.

Because we focus on the client, assistance with meals is customized to their preferences, interests, and abilities.

Personal Companions encourage clients to participate in grocery shopping and meal preparation. Food choices are made in accordance with clients’ preferences and dietary needs.

Medical Reminders

Medical advances are helping many of us live longer, healthier lives. But they are only effective when followed correctly.

The role of your Personal Companion is to help the client follow their medical care plan.

Companions do not administer medications to clients. However, they are trained to encourage them to follow their medical care providers’ instructions.