Care Tips

Useful news, trends, information and resources for maintaining a healthy, active, and independent lifestyle.

Annasus Companion Care Video Series


Useful insights on housing trends, healthy living, caregiver resources, and more.

Housing Trends

Housing options are evolving to meet the realities of the new aging process. 

Tiny houses aren’t just what the kids are doing these days. Many active adults find the idea to be an affordable alternative to more costly full-time care options.

Healthy Living

Remaining steady on your feet is important for reducing falls and increasing mobility.

Remaining physically active is vital to maintaining a healthy lifestyle.  These cardio exercises were designed with the 50+ body in mind.

Toning up is important at every age. Easy, fast toning exercise for your arms.

Continuing to challenge yourself with new activities is an excellent way to stay fit and engaged with life.

Food tips from Dr.. Oz may help keep your memory sharper, longer.

Caregiver Resources

What happens if you have too many assets to qualify for government assistance but too few assets to afford costly private insurance or nursing homes?

If you or your loved one receives Medicaid and needs help at home, you may be entitled to home care assistance.