About Us

Many of you have asked me how I came up with this idea of in-home service and the name “Annasus.” This is how:

I am a registered nurse, RN with a Bachelor of Science Nursing degree (BSN) and Master of Science Nursing degree (MSN) from Queens University of Charlotte, NC. I work at Atrium Health-Union in Monroe, Union County of North Carolina.

One day I was rounding with a doctor on a senior patient who was ready to be discharged back to her home. She was vibrant, independent, and able to care for herself at home except she needed a little help to maintain independence, especially after a short illness that caused her to be admitted into the hospital in the first place. Her family as all of us are, were busy people; had jobs, school-going children, needed to go on vacation, etc., etc., and most lived outside the state of North Carolina. They had their lives to attend to. Of course, they also maintained contacts with her and did the best they could, from far away, to maintain her social life while she lived independently in the comfort of her home. However, they were worried that she was home alone most of the time. They could not provide all the help needed to have her live independently and safely at home. So, they decided to have her discharged to an assisted living facility. When she heard the news, she cried out loud. Seeing her cry broke my heart and I could not help the tears flowing from my face as I silently cried along.

The above incident gave me some ideas, so I thought, “What if I come up with a service for seniors to help those still wanting and willing to live independently in the comfort of their homes, with a little help and are premature to be placed in assisted living facilities, taken to adult daycare facilities, or even nursing homes?” Annasus, which is Susanna the name my mother calls me, spelt backward, was born.

You see, I see the face of my mother in every senior’s face and this is my motivation and passion for Annasus Companion Care. I have an aging mother who prefers to stay in the comfort of her own home. We have tried, my brother, her grand-daughter, and I to bring her over here to the United States, to better take care of her, and she will not have it. She loves her home and maintains her independence and social life over there in Torit, South Sudan in Africa. Likewise, seniors over here, and we are all getting there slowly but surely, I assume, love to maintain independence in the comfort of their homes with just a little help and that is where Annasus comes in. I love to help seniors live again, in the comfort of their homes through in-home services from Annasus Companion Care.

Please take some time to browse through our services and see if these are some of the services you would like to consider for you and/or your loved one.

Thank you.

All our companion service givers are interviewed by a registered nurse, must have the right training, qualifications, experience, a valid driver’s license, and must pass a criminal background check before they are employed.

Our Goal

The main goal of Annasus Companion Care, LLC is to bring smiles to the faces of our patients and their families. Our home care services target a wide range of people – from children, to young adults and to the elderly. We want to make a significant difference in your life by being there for your family during the times you need us most.


We offer equal opportunities for our clients and employees. We do not discriminate against any employee or a client on the basis of gender, color, race, origin, ethnicity, sexual orientation, religion or anything else. No matter who you are or where you come from. As long as you are our client, you will get the best possible treatment. We are licensed, bonded, insured, and our business is run in accordance with the local and state rules and regulations.

Health Insurance

Regardless of the service you choose, most insurance companies will reimburse you the money you have invested in home health care. Choose the most suitable services for your loved ones and we will do our level best to ensure that they have the best service that they deserve. Please do not hesitate to contact us for additional information about insurance companies we accept.

Our Team

We ensure our caregivers are highly skilled and compassionate while giving attention to our clients. With them, you can be sure your loved ones are always safe and have the highest level of care. Since we maintain such a high level of care, we offer regular training for our employees. So, they can stay in touch with the latest trends in this field of work.

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